Need some really interesting jams to cruise through the day with? Check out excuseMesir’s free demo on Bandcamp! It’s six tracks of really interesting drum and guitar work with interesting vocals and arrangements recorded, mixed and mastered at Steamboat Ampworks and released on March 8. These songs are perfect with any amount of attention. There’s enough going on to interest any music lover, but it flows well enough to be great for casual settings.

“Oil & Water” is my favorite of these six tracks. These guitars are doing incredible thins. I’ve got a lot of friends in Knoxville that I think would mention Circa Survive when talking about this sort of glimmering magic. It sounds great to me.

“Dead Weight” is another great track. It’s the longest on the album, and it’s a really interesting, building, moving, piece. It starts off pretty soft, and then it escalates for a while into a really nice full on jam. Once again, these guitars are great.

“Say What?” is a really solid closing track. There are lots of interesting intervals going on melodically, and the drums really stand out on this track. It seems to be one of the more mature tracks of the six, at least melodically.

If you haven’t heard of excuseMesir, head over to their Bandcamp! You can get all six of these songs for free! If you’re near Houston, see if you can catch them at a show sometime. This kind of music is always impressive in live situations.