Female Demand

Female Demand

Dear Houston,

I have no idea what to call your band Female Demand. They are all over the place. These songs rip my mind apart. “Eat Who I Eat” especially. It feels like some sort of epic entrance to a futuristic gladiator ring where I’m going to have to run in tiny circles from some flying beast that wants to kill me. The drummer in this band is incredible, and the guitars are so sufficiently heavy and loud in the mix. I think there are electronic sounds in there, but it could just be incredible guitar effect pedals.

Female Demand is confusing in all the right ways, Houston, and I will look forward to seeing them this Sunday at The Thunderdome here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I hope you know what a good band you are sending up here. They’re playing with local wonders Young Wolves and Bang OK Bang from Nashville. Maybe you could help them set up a show swap in your town?

I don’t know what to expect, but I expect that it will be loud and fulfilling. Sometimes you just need to crazy loud rock and roll music, and I have no doubts that Female Demand will satisfy those needs. Please remember what a great band this is, and go check them out on the Internet. I’d recommend Facebook. They’ve got some nice pictures and songs on there, and I’m sure they’d love your support via increases in their play count.



P.S. Seriously, “Eat Who I Eat” is incredible.