Fockstrot tagged themselves as folk, acoustic, classical, indie, and rock on Bandcamp. These dudes are pretty cool. The first track of their Not Nebraska, “Overture” is entirely a xylophonic toy piano, complete with the percussion of hitting the keys. It’s a great set up for the following three tracks from this great Houston band.

The second track, “The Great Derek Scott”, is acoustic guitar and soft vocals. This is the kind of honest song that you’d expect from an indie folk band, and Fockstrot is doing it really well.

“A Day Of Chris Warner” is a more classical piano tune, and it’s an exceptional break from between the previous acoustic song and the following and equally simple piano song, “New York.”

Fockstrot released two other EPs in the same month. They’re called, The Wild Pair EP, and The Fondue. All three are good in very different ways, but The Wild Pair is most likely my favorite. The first track, “Sitting In A Lawn Char Being Ominous With Good Reason” serves the same role as the first track on Not Nebraska, but it’s much more elaborately arranged. “Supermarket Dogs Barking At A High Rate Of Speed” is a great dry organ song. I haven’t heard super clean organs used this well in a while. “That Lonely Briefcase  Waiting In The Corner” is kind of a creepy close off for these three, sampling radio transmissions over dry vibes.

Go check out Fockstrot! They’ve got a lot of different stuff to offer, and they’re really great!