Football, Etc.

Football, Etc.

The Draft

Football, Etc., is making some really cool indie rock down in Houston, and as of March 15, they’ve got a sick album on Bandcamp called The Draft! It’s ten solid tracks of good old, guitar based, female vocal rock and roll. Head on over for a free listen, or buy the album for eight dollars.

My favorite of the ten songs is probably “Lambeau Leap.” It starts off sort of heavier and more mature then most of the others. However, all of these songs are very mature, and this is a band that seems to be doing a great job of some serious songwriting. “Lambeau Leap” is full of very interesting drum beats and a nice balance of crunchy/glittery guitar parts.

“Hail Mary” is another great one on The Draft. It’s got a cool bass line right from the start, and it takes things a littler softer than some of the rest. That repetitive guitar part is really nice too. This is the kind of song I could see myself getting really into listening to it at full volume at a show.

The Draft finishes up with “Mouthgaurd,” an almost math rock, mostly instrumental track that comes in at less than a minute and a half. There are really interesting dynamic changes throughout the song, and there’s only one line of vocals. This is a really strong finish to a really strong album. Excellent job, guys!

If you’re in Houston, try to see the folks, and if you’re not, go on over to for sweet jams!