Giant Princess

Giant Princess


The bigger cities become, the more they begin to produce music of all genres. Giant Princess is exactly the kind of lo-fi, garage rock that flourishes in this country wherever open-minded young people gather.

Their songs remind me of colorful house shows and dirty mustaches. Thick guitars and loud drums are key here. Claiming influences and interests in “all things” and being “born on the sun”, Giant Princess is house show rock.

Go to their Blogger account and you’ll find a beautiful green with giant Helvetica. They released an album on vinyl and an ep on cassette tape. Go to their Bandcamp and you’ll find cut and past mixed media and six songs to party hard to.

Giant Princess even made a movie, Mexican Easter, and it will show you exactly the kind of fun that happens in Houston. They have everything you could hope for in a young rock band: cigarettes, trash monsters, afros, and glasses.

From breakfast burritos to breakbeats, Giant Princess will teach you about having fun and then take you along for the ride. This is precisely what Houston is known for, and they should be proud of their contributions to the city scene.

Collin, Jaime, Diego, Brett, and Nous of Giant Princess are obviously having a great time. The best music is created by people having a great time about having a great time. This is no exception. This is what the newest front of American media looks like. Give it a listen and give it some love.