The Mathletes

The Mathletes


The Mathletes have a beautiful website! You should absolutely go look at it. The only thing in the biography section of their Facebook page is “If your friends ask again, Mom, just tell them ‘underground rock’”. This is a band for everyone who likes distorted keyboards, sincere vocals, and pop sensibilities, and that certainly includes me.

The Mathletes are into growing diagonally and hate cynicism. They have about thirteen songs on their website, and they’re all worth a listen or two. They sound like they are pretty smart with recording, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of this stuff was done on tape.

Key tracks from their website would include “Raisin” and “Elephants And Hummingbirds”. “Raisins” reflects on dirty dried grapes found rotting on the floor but in a very crafty, radio pop way. “Elephants And Hummingbirds” can certainly be danced to, and it inspires an unrestrainedly desire to tape your fingers along to.

These guys are playing on Christmas Day with Roky Moon and BLOT!, The Manichean, and New York City Queens. If you’re around Houston around 8 or 9 and you’re ready to really get into the Christmas spirit, you should swing by 1120 Naylor Street and give it a listen. You can find a link to it on The Mathletes’ Facebook page.

This is an exciting band that also writes lots of good music. Each of those traits is enough to enjoy a group, but when a band has both, they shouldn’t go unnoticed. Get out of your cave and check out The Mathletes.