Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals

Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals

Bow And Be Simple

Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals are exactly what you would think of if you were to picture what a songwriter from Texas is like. His songs are acoustic, lyric-based stories and self-exploring. He’s got a nine-track album called “Bow And Be Simple” on Bandcamp for $7. If you think that’s too much, you can always stream it at Mp3 quality for free straight off of their Bandcamp page. If you’re a fan of American songwriting and simplicity, you’ll love Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals. These songs are simple but lush, and it’s obvious that he means every word he’s singing.

“Too Much Going On” is my favorite of the nine songs on “Bow And Be Simple.” It’s a good extension of his main mantra to be simple and the arrangment is great. There’s a pretty little guitar solo and a lot of strong female vocals. The subtle guitar work on here is wonderful, and the percussion is absolutely tasteful.

Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals are composed of Matt Harlan, Jacob Chano, Rachel Jones, MC Hansen, and Nikolaj Wolf. These songs are very American, but they were inspired in Sweden and there’s a lot of maturity in them.

These guys are playing at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck on June 26 in Houston. If you like subtle, lyrical, acoustic story songs, be sure and check them out. These are very strong. They have a versatile dynamic range, and I’m sure they’ll keep you entertained. In the meantime, check these songs out on Bandcamp!