Midnight Norma Lane

Midnight Norma Lane

Moxy Kid EP

 Midnight Norma Lane put an EP on their Bandcamp page called Moxy Kid EP and it’s totally great. The cover is a picture of a little girl holding her fist up wearing some nineties-esque glasses and a backwards visor. This EP is six tracks long, and they’ve tagged it as alternative, post rock, ambient and garage rock, among other things. It’s totally worth listening to!


This band is made up of Molly Em’s vocals and guitar playing, and Jonah Perez’s on vocals, guitar, bass, and and drum skills. Perez also produced and recorded the Moxy Kid EP. It’s sort of droning, but in a totally great 90s-grunge rock kind of way. I think that’s probably what they were going for, judging by their ambient tag. Nailed it, Midnight Norma Lane!

“Junkie” is probably my favorite of the six tracks. It really demonstrates that ambient sort of grunge rock I was talking about. I always liked grunge, and it’s been a while since I’ve found a band in this decade that did it well. I hope these folks like the word grunge. “Junkie” has some really great guitar tones throughout, and Molly Em’s vocals drone along perfectly.

Head over to Midnight Norma Lane’s Bandcamp page to find out more about this garage rock band from Houston! Their home recordings are a really good sign as the first of their recording endeavors. Hopefully there will be much more to come in the future. You can download the Moxy Kid EP for free!