Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

"Some people say Muhammad Ali is the best band in Houston."

Some people say Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer. Some people say Muhammad Ali is the best band in Houston. Interested in touring, beer, records, and fun, they are probably some of the coolest dudes in Houston, and nowadays that’s ultimately what the success of a band comes down to.

Their music is really great too though. You can listen to Someday, Opposition, Exlodin’ Ego (Drugs), Elephant, Gotta Be A Reason, and Smilin’ on their Bandcamp account or buy them all for six dollars.

The Houston music scene is incredible nowadays. I like writing for this blog more than any other because it’s easy to find great bands. All these songs are really solid, lyrically and musically. These words make very real connections with me as a college student and as a human. “I need to wake up!” they chant on Opposition. Too many of us need to wake up too badly. Excellent observation, Muhammad Ali.

With over a thousand likes, Muhammad Ali appears to be doing well, as they should be. This kind of rock and roll gets passed up way too often. Their flyers are cool. Their pictures are cool. Their clothes are cool. Their music is cool.

You know you’re at a good show when the singer ends up only wearing his underwear. Give this band a listen, and you won’t be disappointed. Buy their songs from Bandcamp so they can continue to produce more. You can listen to them in your car whenever you want to feel like a champion.