Talk Sick Brats

Talk Sick Brats

Talk Sick Brats recently posted a new song on their Facebook called “Social Powerline”

Yet another energetic Houston house show band, Talk Sick Brats brings a much more punk rock feel to the music scene than any of the other bands I’ve reviewed. They ask you to play at your party and describe themselves as a “three piece 70s style punk attack from Houston.” Attack is definitely the right word to describe this band.

Talk Sick Brats recently posted a new song on their Facebook called “Social Powerline”. It sounds like what Washington, D.C. punk would sound like if it went to college and learned that having a great time is sometimes as important as fixing the political machine.

They posted a live video of their song “Stitches In My Head” a couple months ago. The video shows the crowd from above. People are so close to the band that the cymbal hits sometimes bang into crowd members. That’s what punk rock and house parties are about. Everyone is obviously having a great time, and the energy always increases as the space decreases.

This band seems to be doing pretty well, posting new songs and shows fairly often. They even posted a picture of a guy with a cat a while ago and joked, “Talk Sick Kats.” Apparently one of the band members unwillingly came into possession of a cat and wanted somebody to take him off his hands. There’s no shame in that. Sometimes you’re just not ready for a cat.

Talk Sick Brats is another great house show band. You should see them and any other house show band you can find in Houston. This scene is too good.