The Tontons

The Tontons

"Probably the most praise-worthy thing about The Tontons is that their songs are all very different."

The Tontons are soulful and joyful! These vocals will capture your ears and pull you in for hours. I was immediately a fan of this band the very first time I heard them. It isn’t often that a band this simple is this captivating. This girl’s voice is nothing short of beautiful. The melodies are simple, the arrangements are familiar, but the resulting songs are refreshingly gorgeous.

“Vietnam”, the second song on their BandCamp sounds like it should’ve been written before the word Vietnam produced thoughts of government failure and silly wars. If pre-1970s small scale big band rock and roll were a thing, this song would be it. The dynamics are amazing. This song gets intensely heavy and beautifully soft.

“Golden” is the most dance rock song on the front page of their BandCamp. This sound could stand up to anything else at most college dance parties. I think with the right marketing, this band could become great. Think of The Noisettes with much more creative song writing and much more tasteful instrumentation.

Charlie almost sounds like a 1920s rag. That must be an upright bass on the recording, those drums sound beautifully vintage, and that banjo really adds to the post-Civil War, pre-WWI South feel.

Probably the most praise-worthy thing about The Tontons is that their songs are all very different. Way too many bands nowadays get criticized for all their songs sounding the same, and too many other people say that you wouldn’t think that if you were more into the genre. My opinion on the matter is that if somebody thinks it, it’s true. It would be hard to saw that all of The Tontons songs sound the same.