White Crime

White Crime


White Crime’s Bandcamp is sort of scary. One of the pictures looks like a rave KISS member playing drum set. It only has two songs, but they are enough to get a great idea of White Crime’s sound.

“Stuck On Repeat” has a catchy chorus and powerful verses. If you’re not careful, you’ll have it stuck on repeat. That was so necessary.

This band is made form members of Cutters, Muhammad Ali, Cop Warmth, Talk Sick Brats, Funboys, Davey Crockett, and The Monocles. This is a great testament to the beautiful interbreeding of Houston bands. Music scenes across the country are becoming more interconnected with members playing in each others bands very often.

White Crime likes Ronald Reagan, Super Happy Fun Land, and all the bands they used to be in. A very disproportionate amount of the pictures on their Facebook include masks or costume paint. This band looks like it’s too much fun. That’s what college town bands are known for. Although, it’s sort of unfair to say that one of the biggest cities in the country is a college town. It actually has a few colleges in it.

Texas is doing a great job of breeding tons of fun garage bands right now. If you’re into that, this band is definitely a good one to check out. If you’re not into that, you should at least give them a chance and see if they teach you how to have a little more fun. You never know what you might be into tomorrow.