Wild Moccasins

Wild Moccasins

The phrase “Skin Collision Past” could probably lead to several mental images, some wonderful and some terrifying. At first, this song seems like it could be about anything. As soon as the drums come in, you know this is going to be upbeat and positive, true to Wild Moccasins’ harmony driven, high energy pop. This song is catchy, fun, and one hundred percent capable of being danced to.

The second song on Wild Moccasin’s Sonicbirds page is called “Calender” and is a bit more dreamy than “Skin Collision Past” while still retaining their wonderful pop aesthetic.

“Fruit Tea” is a blast right from the start. This is exactly the kind of music you would expect from a band who’s performance pictures all contain either glittery instruments, flashy clothes, or star adorned keyboard stands. This band is wild.

I must briefly comment on the brilliance of this band’s current default profile picture on Facebook. It is a beautiful pink and blue totem pole, and it takes up almost the full height of a computer screen. Facebook restricts the width of your pictures, but you can have a much taller picture than the vast majority of users choose. Excellent decision, Wild Moccasins. Fill that profile up with beautiful colors and cultures.

Wild Moccasins’ Facebook profile indicates that this band is enjoying a fall/winter season filled with wonderful shows and happy fans. If possible, make it out to one of their shows and join the crowd. I’m sure it will be poppy, flashy, and fun.