Young Girls

Young Girls

50s Rock Meets Modern Texas

 It is very apparent that Young Girls promoted their song “Six Pack Back Stab” the most heavily, but I see no reason for this. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great song, but the second (and second least played) song on their Facebook page, “Mexico In December” seems to be the obvious single choice to me. Nonetheless, these are all really solid songs. This is what it would sound like if The Beach Boys got really into having awesome parties, didn’t care so much about surfing, and existed in one of the best music scenes in the country, modern Houston.

“Mexico In December” is built on a really solid 50s pop drum beat and vocal arrangement. This song could stand up to anything else in anyone’s pop catalog of rock songs.

Young Girls have been getting great reviews lately, and they’re one of the few bands worth the buzz. I’ve read people calling them “indie-pop”, “retro pop-punk”, better than “average indie bands”, and “Polaroid-quality garage pop.” I’m glad nobody shrank to simply calling this an “indie band”. They deserve further elaboration. This is a 50s tinged rock band with modern party dynamics.

They were on Chaotisch Und Charmant’s list of the top 50 albums of 2011, they were recommended on, and they are playing at Cheer Up Charlie’s in Austin tonight for New Year’s Eve. The Zoltars are also playing that show, and I definitely wouldn’t miss it if I were in the area. This part of the country is unbelievable.