December 2011

Young Girls

50s Rock Meets Modern Texas

 It is very apparent that Young Girls promoted their song “Six Pack Back Stab” the most heavily, but I see no reason for this. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great song, but the second (and second least played) song on their Facebook page, “Mexico In December” seems to be the obvious single choice to me. Nonetheless, these are all really solid songs. This is what it would sound like if The Beach Boys got really into having awesome parties, didn’t care so much about surfing, and existed in one of the best music scenes in the country, modern Houston.

The Mathletes


The Mathletes have a beautiful website! You should absolutely go look at it. The only thing in the biography section of their Facebook page is “If your friends ask again, Mom, just tell them ‘underground rock’”. This is a band for everyone who likes distorted keyboards, sincere vocals, and pop sensibilities, and that certainly includes me.

The Tontons

"Probably the most praise-worthy thing about The Tontons is that their songs are all very different."

The Tontons are soulful and joyful! These vocals will capture your ears and pull you in for hours. I was immediately a fan of this band the very first time I heard them. It isn’t often that a band this simple is this captivating. This girl’s voice is nothing short of beautiful. The melodies are simple, the arrangements are familiar, but the resulting songs are refreshingly gorgeous.

Wild Moccasins

The phrase “Skin Collision Past” could probably lead to several mental images, some wonderful and some terrifying. At first, this song seems like it could be about anything. As soon as the drums come in, you know this is going to be upbeat and positive, true to Wild Moccasins’ harmony driven, high energy pop. This song is catchy, fun, and one hundred percent capable of being danced to.

Slovak Republic - 'Alexandria'

Lo-fi dream-pop that blends spacious percussive elements with clipped electronic textures, Slovak Republic is doing it right. Here's the nicely-built 'Alexandria' off their latest, Summer Pills.

Talk Sick Brats

Talk Sick Brats recently posted a new song on their Facebook called “Social Powerline”

Yet another energetic Houston house show band, Talk Sick Brats brings a much more punk rock feel to the music scene than any of the other bands I’ve reviewed. They ask you to play at your party and describe themselves as a “three piece 70s style punk attack from Houston.” Attack is definitely the right word to describe this band.