January 2012

The Mahas

The Mahas are exciting! This is Houston garage rock, and I love it. The first track on their BandCamp is probably my favorite. It’s called “Dead Of Night”, and it’s got this really great punk rock chorus where they just chant “Dead of night!” really excitedly. There are guitars squealing around all over the place, and the bass and kick pump through the whole track. There’s a sick guitar solo, and there is zero dead space. The dead of night is the best part of the day. Houston knows best.

Co-Pilot - 'The Bering Sea'

This gloomy post-rock dirge comes to us courtesy of The Treaty Oak Collective, a Texas microlabel that will be putting out Co-Pilot's split 12" with ALASKAN next month.

The Escatones

Garage rock! “Owls In The Headlights Of The Sulfur Digging Bulldozer” by The Escatones is actually as surf rock as I’d like for a band who tags themselves as garage, psych, surf, and surf! on Bandcamp. These three songs are highly enjoyable.