February 2012


Fockstrot tagged themselves as folk, acoustic, classical, indie, and rock on Bandcamp. These dudes are pretty cool. The first track of their Not Nebraska, “Overture” is entirely a xylophonic toy piano, complete with the percussion of hitting the keys. It’s a great set up for the following three tracks from this great Houston band.

The Never Years

So somebody at Sputnikmusic said that “Pool House” from The Never Years’ album “Life Of Dreams” was one of the coolest songs they’d heard all year. It is indeed very great. This came out last November, so a statement like that carries a bit more weight than it would in February too.

Wails - 'Lucky'

Morning! Need something to soothe your plummet into Monday? Houston-based duo Wails make soaring shoegaze pop and it is so lovely. Enjoy a sampling below or do what you should and go grab the whole EP (pay whatever you want!) from their Bandcamp


I immediately love this band. They call it post-spaghetti western on Facebook, and they call it future cowboy punk on Bandcamp. Balaclavas have the best distorted bass tone I’ve heard in quite a while, and it mixes really well with the enthusiastic vocal technique they use. They put three songs on their Bandcamp page in October of 2011 on an album called “Snake People”, and you can buy it for five dollars or stream it for free.