April 2012

Football, Etc.

The Draft

Football, Etc., is making some really cool indie rock down in Houston, and as of March 15, they’ve got a sick album on Bandcamp called The Draft! It’s ten solid tracks of good old, guitar based, female vocal rock and roll. Head on over for a free listen, or buy the album for eight dollars.

Midnight Norma Lane

Moxy Kid EP

 Midnight Norma Lane put an EP on their Bandcamp page called Moxy Kid EP and it’s totally great. The cover is a picture of a little girl holding her fist up wearing some nineties-esque glasses and a backwards visor. This EP is six tracks long, and they’ve tagged it as alternative, post rock, ambient and garage rock, among other things. It’s totally worth listening to!


This band is made up of Molly Em’s vocals and guitar playing, and Jonah Perez’s on vocals, guitar, bass, and and drum skills. Perez also produced and recorded the Moxy Kid EP. It’s sort of droning, but in a totally great 90s-grunge rock kind of way. I think that’s probably what they were going for, judging by their ambient tag. Nailed it, Midnight Norma Lane!