May 2012

Tyler Heath

Let It Go

Tyler Heath has a lot of dreams and even more great songs. He’s a southern Texas native and he released a really incredible album called “Let It Go” back in October 2010. It’s on Bandcamp and it’s totally incredible!

He says it was the result of a year of songwriting as a means of dealing with his various personal struggles and successes, and he says one of the greatest lessons he’s learned is that sometimes you’ve got to “Let It Go.” How appropriate!


Need some really interesting jams to cruise through the day with? Check out excuseMesir’s free demo on Bandcamp! It’s six tracks of really interesting drum and guitar work with interesting vocals and arrangements recorded, mixed and mastered at Steamboat Ampworks and released on March 8. These songs are perfect with any amount of attention. There’s enough going on to interest any music lover, but it flows well enough to be great for casual settings.