June 2012

Female Demand

Dear Houston,

I have no idea what to call your band Female Demand. They are all over the place. These songs rip my mind apart. “Eat Who I Eat” especially. It feels like some sort of epic entrance to a futuristic gladiator ring where I’m going to have to run in tiny circles from some flying beast that wants to kill me. The drummer in this band is incredible, and the guitars are so sufficiently heavy and loud in the mix. I think there are electronic sounds in there, but it could just be incredible guitar effect pedals.

Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals

Bow And Be Simple

Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals are exactly what you would think of if you were to picture what a songwriter from Texas is like. His songs are acoustic, lyric-based stories and self-exploring. He’s got a nine-track album called “Bow And Be Simple” on Bandcamp for $7. If you think that’s too much, you can always stream it at Mp3 quality for free straight off of their Bandcamp page. If you’re a fan of American songwriting and simplicity, you’ll love Matt Harlan & The Sentimentals. These songs are simple but lush, and it’s obvious that he means every word he’s singing.